EPIC Painting

April Results

I am a bit late due to travel, but here is the summary for April. Another month has passed on the finish line is in sight. I completed a total of 2337.5 points. All Undivided (Iron), Khorne and Slaneesh models for the Lost and the Damned are now completed. Nurgle is missing only a single model (a Banelord), while Tzeentch is a mere 4 models away from the finish line (though big ones: Banelord, Feral Titan, Magnus the Red, Lord of Change). There are a few more Chaos Marines shipping across the ocean but those will get done fairly quickly when they arrive.

1 Slaneesh Questor – 275 points

2 Slaneesh Subjugators – 450 points

6 Slaneesh Knights – 412.5 points

6 Slaneesh Chimeras – 150 points

3 Slaneesh Hellhounds – 150 points

2 Tzeentch Firelords – 300 points

6 Tzeentch Doomwings – 300 points

1 Khorne Feral Titan – 300 points

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