EPIC Painting

Epic Tyranids ready to devour

Many many nids are based and ready for painting.

The little stuff is hard to tell apart at this angle but we have 32 Termagants on the top, 18 Gargoyles below on the left, 4 Biovores in the center and 18 Hormagants on the right (and bottom middle). At the bottom of the tray are 15 Tyranid Warriors on the left and 16 Genestealer (with two Broodlords) on the right.

The heavier stuff is easier to tell apart but even more numerous. Top left are 6 lesser synapse nodes, 8 Spores and two major nodes. Middle top column are 6 Dactylis, 8 Malefactors and 3 Trygons. Right top column are 9 Exocrines and 6 Haruspex.
The small stuff one the bottom row are (from left) 6 Carnifex, 15 Lictors, 10 Tyrants, 8 Zoanthropes and 8 Raveners. Mixed in are two Dominatrix, a Dominatrix without Queen (to become a bio titan) and three bio titans (not pictured). With Tyranids I am never sure if the ratios between model types are “right” but there should be enough of everything for decent games.

Tyranid point values keep changing as the custom army lists evolve. Nevertheless, I am pegging this around 11,500 points. Enough to eat a planet… at least a little one.

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