EPIC Painting

March Summary

Well, March was a miserable month on the painting front. My parcel from Maelstrom Games never arrived and hence I had no brown, blue or purple washes (needed to complete any one of the remaining Chaos models…). I only managed 1180 points and four objectives.

18 Khorne Land Transports – 180 points

22 Nurgle Plague Zombies – ~350 points

4 Nurgle Contagion Engines – 325 points

1 Nurgle Plague Tower – 325 points

1 Nurgle Objective

1 Tzeentch Objective

1 Slaneesh Objective

1 Generic Chaos Objective

Lack of painting supplies made me finish a few more grass terrain tiles (4’x2′) and finish a few Mordheim buildings (pics coming soon). But that doesn’t really count for ToEG. Will do better in April…

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