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ToEG LatD February Update

Well, February was the month of “almost done”. I started off relatively strong with the last Iron Warrior models and then everything fell apart.

I almost finished:

Tzeentch flyers (but ran out of Asuremen Blue wash)
Slaneesh Knights/Titants (but ran out of Leviathan Purple Wash)
Khorne Transports (but ran out … no wait, I just ran out of time with these… finished the conversion and basecoat though)

I did get something done though. A somewhat disappointing 1600 points, but still better than nothing:

Iron Warriors:
2 Hell Talons – 300 points
1 Iron Cult Objective

1 Slaneesh Altar – 150 points

Tzeentch (pics to follow in the next few days – these were a “weekend sprint”):
24 Cultists with command (2 covens) – 400 points
4 Traitor Fire Support – 100 points
1 Altar of Chaos – 150 points
4 Traitor Sentinels – 100 points
4 Silver Towers – 325 points

Oh, and I finished lots and lots of terrain bitz so that I can finally finish up some of the Mordheim buildings.

Mordheim Terrain Addons

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