EPIC Painting

Imperial Guard Group Shot

This is how a completed army looks like 🙂

Click on pics for bigger versions. Top tray are the core elements, bottom tray are the specialists. Top tray:

Left column, front to back: Regimental HQ with Snipers (nope, they wouldn’t be fielded that way…), Infantry Company, Fire Support and Ogryn squads with transports

Middle column, front to back: Infantry Company, Rough Rider Company, Hell Hounds and Salamander

Right column, front to back: Vanquishers, two Tank Companies, Demolishers, Executioners

Bottom Tray:

Left column, front to back: Super Heavy Tanks (4 Baneblades, 2 Shadowswords, 1 Stormhammer), Deathstrike Missile Launcher, Objectives, Bunkers

Middle left column, front to back: Basilisk Company, Bombards, Manticores, Hydra Flak Company

Middle right column, front to back: Storm Trooper, Valkyries, Vultures, Thunderbolts, Marauder Bomber

Right column, front to back: Objective, Sentinels, Leviathan

Comes to about 9800 points total. And there is absolutely nothing left to paint for this army, unless I stumble upon a Capitol Imperialis at a reasonable cost at some point.

And their big brothers from the Warhammer 40k cabinet. This was actually my very first 40k army. The infantry models are all from the old Rogue Trader plastic kit, so much of this stuff is close to two decades old. The Baneblade is from Armorcast.

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