Man o' War Painting

Man-o-War Chaos Fleet

This is the last of my Man-o-War fleets. Somehow, I never finished it during the “Great MoW Burst” of 2010. Like the other fleets, the sails are printed on fabric to keep a cloth-like texture.

MoW Chaos - Bloodship MoW Chaos - Ironsharks MoW Chaos - Deathgalley 3 MoW Chaos - Deathgalley 2 MoW Chaos - Deathgalley 1

Man o' War

Man O’ War section is up

My Man O’ War collection is up with Bretonnian, Chaos Dwarf, Dwarf, Dark Elf, Empire and High Elf fleets in the Games & Armies/Man O’ War section. Also some terrain shots on the top MoW page.