Eldar Vehicles

The factory line has finished. With the exception of the Wave Serpents, I am done with all the vehicles (and some small stuff thrown in for variety). I am stuck on the wave serpents because I don’t know how to paint all the little details on the top surfaces. The models are a radical departure from the normally sleek Eldar style so my simple two colour scheme kind of breaks down.

Anyhow, this will be it for April as I am traveling until mid May. Pretty decent start on ToEG if I may say so myself. In total, this clocks in at about 5,500 points painted this month (plus assemblying/basing the entire army). Next month is full of travel but I will try to finish the wave serpents and jet bikes at least. That would leave the titans and aspect warriors (another 5,500 all together – though a lot less models since the 4 titan models make up almost half that).

I opened the Eldar page here: https://wargamingworkshop.wordpress.com/games-armies/epic-armageddon/eldar/

There are a lot more pics on that page.

Eldar Tales of Epic Gamers

Spring is upon us and with it the time for the next round of Tales of Epic Gamers on the Tactical Commands forum. After the somewhat harrowing experience of completing the Squats, I will embark on a quest to finish my Eldar force during this ToEG. Unlike the Squats, these models are nice, new and varied in colour scheme. Should be a lot easier.

I will paint the army in the colour scheme that I already used for my Battlefleet Gothic Eldar fleet which was in turn inspired by my 2004 Warhammer 40k tournament army (see quick snapshot below – click to embiggen but they are dusty and old…).

Like all my Epic forces, the Eldar have all units in the official army list at decent quantities. Below is the starting point:

Clockwise from top left: Rangers, objectives, Guardians (5 formations including support and heavy weapon platforms), Wraithguard

Clockwise from top left: Aspect Warriors (8 of all types incl. 2 Exarch each), Warwalker, Jetbikes, Shining Spears

Clockwise from top left: Engines of Vaul, Revenant Titans, Air Force (Vampires, Phoenix, Nightwings), Firestorms, Fireprisms, Nightspinner, Wave Serpents, Falcons, Vypers & Avatar in the middle.

Missing from the pictures are a Phantom and Warlock Titan.

So it begins. Wish me luck (and painting enthusiasm.