EPIC Painting

Eldar Vehicles

The factory line has finished. With the exception of the Wave Serpents, I am done with all the vehicles (and some small stuff thrown in for variety). I am stuck on the wave serpents because I don’t know how to paint all the little details on the top surfaces. The models are a radical departure from the normally sleek Eldar style so my simple two colour scheme kind of breaks down.

Anyhow, this will be it for April as I am traveling until mid May. Pretty decent start on ToEG if I may say so myself. In total, this clocks in at about 5,500 points painted this month (plus assemblying/basing the entire army). Next month is full of travel but I will try to finish the wave serpents and jet bikes at least. That would leave the titans and aspect warriors (another 5,500 all together – though a lot less models since the 4 titan models make up almost half that).

I opened the Eldar page here:

There are a lot more pics on that page.

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