Painting SAGA

SAGA Anglo-Saxon – The Rest

Again, I am behind in posting (and photographing) models. I have now completed the rest of the Anglo-Saxon Warband with the addition of two units of Hearthguard and a generic Warlord. I will be painting some of the special leaders later, as well as adding a generic pool of peasants from which different warbands can draw their levy contingent.

The models are a mix of metal and plastic as usual. At the very bottom are some fatigue markers using the wooden dial bases that I use for other games (not sure how useful it will be as the dials go from 1 to 12 which seems overkill for SAGA – I might replace them with simple “chip” style fatigue markers later).

SAGA Anglo-Saxon - Thegns 1

SAGA Anglo-Saxon - Thegns 2

SAGA Anglo-Saxon - Warlord

SAGA Markers - Fatigue Counters

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