5 thoughts on “Squat Hearthguard

  1. You need to do some step by step tutorials on these squats. Your results look great and there are not many resources for painting and basing in 6 mm as opposed to 28 mm.

    1. All my epic models follow the same pattern:

      Black undercoat
      Basecoat in dominant colour (Ultramarine Blue in this case)
      Add other colours (Skull White, Tallarn Flesh, Black, Chainmail, and some colour for the beard)
      Special wash (mix of Bhadab Black, Glaze Medium and Thinner – I find that straight Bhadab Black is too dark for Epic scale models and that wash doesn’t dilute well with water. The Thinner fixes the dilution problem while the Glaze Medium leaves some black particles everywhere on the model which gives the grimmy look that I wanted from the Squats)


  2. Ok, thanks. I think I ran into the problem you are talking about with the Bhadab Black trying to wash some Dusk Raider land raiders. Tried to do line highlighting instead but that was just taking forever.

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