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Squat Infantry – Finally some progress!

I hate Squats… I really do. In my darkest moments I wish that they would all be devoured by Tyranids… oh, wait…

After the (near) completion of the Lost and the Damned Chaos army for the TacComs Tale of Epic Gamers, I foolishly decided to continue painting 6mm EPIC models. By popular vote I was encouraged to select the Squats as my next project. Squats are painful to paint (well). While there is a lot less infantry than in the Chaos force, they ALL look the same. No problem, I thought, I painted Space Marines and other such uniform armies before. How bad can it be? Well, each Squat has boots, trousers, vests, shirtsleeves, face, beard, gloves, gun and cap. That means painting 800 boots, 400 trousers, etc. Worst of all was the mistake to paint everything in one assembly line to “stay consistent”. Motivation killer…

Anyhow, after a 30 days absence from the blog, I finally have some progress to declare. The Squat infantry and light artillery is done! To keep my sanity and make you suffer a bit like I suffered, I shall post individual units every days or so. For starters, below is the first Warrior Brotherhood with Lord and Living Ancestor.

EPIC Squats - Warriors 1EPIC Squats - Living Ancestor

2 replies on “Squat Infantry – Finally some progress!”

None and all. None because I don’t game with unpainted minis so I have never actually used this army (yet). All because the collection is designed to be fielded as any one of the Stronghold or Demiurg fan lists (all available on the Tactical Commands forum).

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