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Tzeentch Firelords WIP

I am mostly done with the Tzeentchian air force but need some input on painting choices. Below are the wip Firelords. I need a colour choice for the central “engine” area on top of the wing (the ripped surface). For the Slaneesh knights I used Scorpion Green followed by Thraka Green washes to create a green “power coil” look. The alternative for Tzeentch might be yellow with a red wash to create an orange power coil (to tie in with the yellow/orange accents of the rest of the Tzeentch force). Any suggestions?

EPIC Chaos - Tzeentch Firelords

2 replies on “Tzeentch Firelords WIP”

I enjoy the muted colors on these models and would be proud to have them in my collection. If you are set on using yellow, I’d suggest using brown or black to wash it to cut down on the brightness of the final result. Alternatively, I think red with a few black washes and subtle highlights would yield an appropriate result that fits with the dark nature of these beasts!

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