EPIC Painting

Epic Adeptus Mechanicus

The protectors of Mars, worshippers of the Machine God: Adeptus Mechanicus is ready for painting.

The infantry models are a mix of TacComs custom sculpts and DRM Industrial Infantry. The guns and Gorgons are Otterware. My goal for the AdMech army was to avoid painting another Imperial Guard force. I am therefore using different models for all the artillery options and have focused on unique AdMech units. All artillery is basically static (pulled by the little Otterware tracks for visual effect). This contrasts them nicely with the self-propelled Imperial Guard artillery.

The core are four Skitarii formations with some Thudd Gun support and some Praetorians in Gorgons. Two of the Skitarii formations can be mounted in Chimeras (not pictured). The little pile on the bottom left are DRM Scout Buggies that I will use as Sentinels.

The more interesting tray has all the toys. On the top we have various Knights (still looking for the missing Knight types). Above are six Macharius heavy tanks  and two Ordinati Majoris on the right (third one in transit from Ebay). On the middle left are the legs for two Warhound Titants, one Warlord Titan and a Reaver Titan. Bottom left are 6 Basilisk (Otterware), 6 Bombards (Otterware), 3 Manticore platforms (Forge World) and 3 Hydra Platforms (Forge World). The little tankette tracks are just for visual effect (I imaging them pulling the fixed artillery).

Using the War Griffons list this totals to about 11,000 points (with the Titans).

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