EPIC Painting

Tzeentch Group Shot

Tzeentch is the neglected little step child in my chaos collection. Not only is the smallest army but also the least painted. Once completed its supposed to be 2800 points for the Thousand Sons (Black Legion list) and 1850 points for the Lost and the Damned.

Left column, front to back: Retinue with Rhinos, Flamers, Discs of Tzeentch

Middle left column, front to back: Havocs with Rhinos, Dreadnoughts, Thousand Sons with Rhinos, Deathwheel

Middle right column, front to back: Magnus the Red, Daemon Prince, Lord of Change and Firelords (the big empty flying bases – models are lying on the right of the bases), Silver Towers, Doomwings

Right column, front to back: Coven with Altar, Coven, Fire Support squad, Feral Titan and Warlord Titan

I don’t even have a 40k “big brother” for these guys. I felt so bad that I took a pic of the other “blue” 40k army in my cabinet. At least there is comfort in colour-matches.

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