EPIC Painting

Slaneesh Group Shot

The Slaneesh army is noticably smaller than the Khorne, Nurgle and Iron Warrior monstrocities. It also still needs a fair bit of work. The open space in the top left is for a few more inbound Noise Marines to allow me to find a decided Emperor’s Children force. The top right is the corner of shame where all the base coated stuff sits (minus a Questor Scout Titan that is still in the spray booth.

Left column, front to back: Retinue with Rhinos and Daemon Prince, Noise Marines with Rhinos and Havocs with Rhinos

Middle left column, front to back: Fire Support squad, Daemonettes, Mounted Daemonettes

Middle right column, front to back: Keeper of Secrets, Sentinels (the Eldar Wraithlord models), Hell Hound tanks

Right column, front to back: Coven with (missing) Altar, Coven with Chimeras, Knights and Subjugator Scout Titans (an unpictured Questor Scout Titan)

Total of 2235 points for the Lost and the Damned variant and 1850 for the Marines (Black Legion list). The Emperor’s Children fan list gets to use stuff from across the tray so that probably comes in a 3000 points or more.

I also took a quick snap of thier bigger brothers: My Warhammer 40k Emperor’s Children force. Long long out of date with the current edition.

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