EPIC Painting

ToEG – November Summary and Dreadnoughts

November has ended so here is the accounting. I managed to finish all Khorne models except those Land Transports which aren’t even designed yet (still waiting for inspiration). I also got a head start on some of the Iron Cult vehicles and two quick Iron Warrior Dreadnoughts at the last minute. The model count isn’t all that high but most of these were in the “big stuff” category. The total comes to a respectiable 1910 points.

1 Altar 150
1 Lord of Battle 400
3 Hellhound Tanks 150
6 Chaos Hounds 60
4 Blood Slaughterer 200
2 Greater Brass Scorpions 350
1 Khorne Objective

Iron Cult (Undivided)
8 Basilisk 400
2 Hydra 100
2 Iron Warrior Dreadnoughts 100

December is a short month as I will be traveling for the first and the last two weeks. During the small gap in between I wil try to finish the remaining Iron Cult models (Tank Company & Altar) and maybe get started on the Nurgle contingent.

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