EPIC Painting

ToEG – Iron Cult Artillery

With the Khorne contingent completed (minus Land Transporters), I am going to wrap up the Undivided Iron Cult units. The infantry is already done so this leaves the vehicles. These guys are supposed to be the Lost and the Damned “partner” to the Iron Warriors (my Black Legion Undivided contingent). The theme is a lowly cult of slaves and workers from the Iron Warriors forge worlds who have to make due with any salvage that they can get acquire. I am using a mix of imperial vehicles with lots of custom modifications. The rust colour theme ties everything together visually. I think this is one of those examples where miniature painting should NOT thrive for realism. The rust on these vehicles is not realistic at all – the patches are far too big and continuous. A real rusty vehicle shown at this scale would basically look continuously brown. I basically used a “human scale” distribution of rust patterns to give the visual effect of rust at the model scale. That gets the idea across which is ultimately what matters.

The formation includes two artillery batteries and two scratch-built Hydra flak tanks from spare parts (Rhino body, old Ork Tractor Cannon cut in half for the sides and some bitz as guns).

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