EPIC Painting

ToEG – August goal achieved (on the last second)

The last brush stroke fell on the stroke of midnight :). I finished up a bunch of small chaos items that were left over from my Black Legion army. Together with the 300 points worth of Khorne Mutants from earlier this month, this brings me to 965 and comfortably above the 500 point ToEG goal. I will do all the base grass work in one go when the army is painted.

Four Deathguard Havocs with Rhinos. The models follow my default Deathguard paint scheme. The Rhinos have plague sores made from Green Stuff and little “poison gas” trailers (using Ork Scorcha trailers). 120 points.

A bunch of World Eater additions. This bring my Flesh Hounds up to 8 bases like all the other daemon types, Berzerkers to 8 bases so that I can field my first two retinues for the World Eater dedicated army list. Finally, the Terminators bring the total to 8 as well. That means all my Khorne formations are now at the magic number 8 (Khorne holy number). A total of 245 points. 

The Iron Warrior Obliterators are converted from old robot models wit the addition of guns from my bits box. Nothing fancy but clearly identifyable as Obliterators. 300 points.

I also managed to almost finish up the 18 Khorne Big Mutants. Once the wash is dry tomorrow they need a few highlights and then a photo op.

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