Status Updates

Big stuff coming

DBA was the last “quick upload” (relatively small number of pics per army). I have photographed all the bigger smaller scale armies (Epic Orks, Chaos & IG; FoW US & UK, Warmaster Chaos, Empire, Dwarf & Undead). I am away from home for the next few weeks but will take the pics with me for long sessions of GIMP work while traveling.

After that I need to tackle the 28mm armies (WFB & 40k) which will be a bit of a challenge. I can’t achieve a deep enough depth of field with my camera to get more than 3 ranks of 28mm infantry and photographing WFB infantry row by row doesn’t seem reasonable. I might need to figure out some alternative technique to get the big blocks into a photo. Probably some form of zoomed out shots with lots of cropping (lower resolution but deeper field). We will see how that works. Any tips on photography would be appreciated.

Here is a teaser from the FoW US set…

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