New home for the Nurgle army

Now that the Epic Chaos armies are completed, I am going to build display bases for them. I am using the same general approach as for the Flames of War base document here. I am using the same black frame (I have 50 of them, custom made to fit into the display cabinet – many more bases to come!). It’s taped off in the picture to protect the gloss finish until everything is done. So far I have created the back walls out of MDF and filled in the elevation levels with dense foam. The MDF walls give a clean finish and protect the edge of the foam in the elevated rear section.

The pic below shows the status so far with the Nurgle army set up. That step is essential as most of my armies are large enough that they just barely fit onto a full base (some need two bases). Click on the pic for a larger version. The base will have a tiered rocky hill at the back and a river running down the hill (probably a waterfall), with extensions going into a triangle shape towards the front corners. It will be a slime river of course… The shape is a play on the Nurgle symbol. I don’t have enough space make three large lakes in a triangle (the actual three-dot Nurgle symbol). So the rivers effectively subdivide the army into three blocks in the right configuration.

Next step is to cover the surface in magnetic sheet (to hold the models in place – everything has a metal base). Afterwards I will add moulded rocks to the cliffs and start the spackle work for all the cracks.

Flames of War Display Board

Lack of available painting supplies made me focus on some terrain activities. I finished the first (of 40) display boards for my gaming room cabinet: German Pionierkompanie in defensive position. I photographed the steps so enjoy the tutorial. You can see the placement of the terrain board in the game room.

Flames of War Ruined Huts

I finished some bombed out 15mm buildings. These will mostly be used for rural landscapes in Flames 0f War (say in Russia) but the lack of “tech” on the models also makes them useful for quite a range of earlier historical periods. They are a rough match for my undamanged wooden huts below. All models are resin cast from unknown manufacturers (or at least I forgot…).

15mm Terrain - Wood Cabin Ruins 215mm Terrain - Wood Cabin Ruins 1

 15mm Terrain - Wood Cabins 115mm Terrain - Wood Cabins 2

Flames of War Bunkers

I am slowly chipping away at a small mountain of Flames of War 15mm resin cast pieces from different manufacturers. I acquired all that stuff in a burst of enthusiasm and now it’s sluggishly getting done. This one is a small single piece bunker. I am still trying to figure out how to do decent aged concret. This technique uses a lot of streaking whereas I have previously just drybrushed (older example of drybrushed bunker below).

Flames of War Bunker