I never particularly liked the Necron army when it was introduced for Warhammer 40,000. A sea of silver killer robots without backstory. So for a long time the Necrons were on my “never ever” list for Epic. Then I saw the incredible custom work done on the Tactical Commands forum for Epic scale vehicles and war engines. Those added a new dimension to the Necron army and ultimately convinced me to assemble a force.

The paintjob is GW Chainmail Silver with a Bhadab Black Wash. The “glow sticks” are Goblin Green, Bhadab Black Wash and then a Scorpion Green drybrush. The black on the vehicles and carapaces is black, blended up in a few stages to Dark Angel Green with a final line highlight of Scorpion Green.

C’Tan: The C’Tan models are both custom sculpts from a brilliant sculptor on the Tactical Commands forum. The Nightbringer is available while the Deceiver is a one-time Green Stuff sculpt made just for me (thanks!).

Phalanx Formations: The Phalanx is the core infantry formation in the Necron force: 6 Warrior stands and a Lord character. For added flexibility I added an additional Warrior base if the Lord is attached to an upgrade (e.g. Immortals). Four formations give the force a solid foundation. The models are Edenites from Exodus Wars which make very convincing Necron proxies.

Epic Necron - Phalanx
Epic Necron - Phalanx
Epic Necron - Phalanx
Epic Necron - Phalanx

Immortals: Immortals can be fielded as upgrades to a Phalanx or as a stand-alone formation. I added two spare Lord upgrade bases to allow all four Phalanx formations to have a Lord Immortal upgrade. The models are Edenites from Exodus Wars which make very convincing Necron proxies.

Epic Necron - Immortal Lords
Epic Necron - Immortals
Epic Necron - Immortals

Pariahs: More unit upgrades in the form of Pariahs. Also Edenite models from Exodus Wars.

Epic Necron - Pariahs

Flayed Ones:The Flayed Ones are a weird Necron unit. Robots with human skin drapped over their bodies. I used Exodus Wars models, damaged them a bit with a craft knife and then just blobbed on flesh paint. Works well enough.

Epic Necron - Flayed Ones

Wraith:The Wraith are custom models from a very talented French sculptor. Very close match to the Warhammer 40k variants.

Epic Necron - Wraith

Scarabs:The Scarabs come from a famous hobby sculptor. There are no rules for these models but I included them anyhow given their iconic status in the Necron army.

Epic Necron - Scarabs

Tomb Spyders: The aforementioned marvelous sculptor throws some of these into each of my orders so there are probably too many Tomb Spyders by now.

Destroyers: The Destroyers are custom sculpted models. I converted the three additional Lord models as upgrade options. Each model is mounted on a little steel wire pin to get the hover effect. The last unit are Heavy Destroyer (longer guns).

Epic Necron - Destroyer 2
Epic Necron - Destroyer 1
Epic Necron - Heavy Destroyer

Monoliths: The Monoliths are very sophisticated Otterware multi-part models. Very close match to the Warhammer 40k model.

Epic Necron - Monolith 1
Epic Necron - Monolith 2

Obelisks: The Obelisk are a mix of metal and resin parts from a custom sculptor. I almost went crazy green stuffing the bubbles in the resin corners but the work was well worth it (many people leave the corners off but I think that the model looks a lot more finished with them).

Pylons: The Pylons are yet more Otterware. Beautiful models but painful to assemble (all the parts were just ever so slightly warped and need lots of twisting).

Epic Necron - Pylons

Harvester Engines: The Abattoir is scratchbuilt using the common technique of stacking Games Workshop bases. The pyramid on top is a brass ornament for home-made belts (from Ebay). The chains are actual jewelry chains “frozen” with superglue.

The Aeonic Orb is a kitbash of left-over Otterware parts (inversly stacked corner of Monolith, metal “arms” from the Obelisk and an inverted objective obelisk for the bottom). The orb itself is “glow in the dark” marble made from carckled uranium glass.

Objectives: The Tomb Complex uses a similar design as the Abattoir with the same brass pyramid to unified the look. The individual objectives are from the same custom sculptor. The bases are too large for them but I “standardized” all my Epic objectives onto 60mm bases so that’s just how it has to be…

Epic Necron - Tomb Complex

8 replies on “Necron”

Amazing work on some lovely models! If possible I would love to have the contact info for the sculptor. Thank you!

Just wanted too ask if you could please let us know who the french sculptor was who helped with a few of the models as they look superb – thanks very much

I love your army! Could you please email me the contact info for the sculptors of all the custom models for your army? I would really appreciate it.

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