Chaos Thousand Sons & Cult

I started this army as a combined Black Legion force with devotees of Khorne, Nurgle, Slaneesh, Tzeentch and Undivided. It very quickly grew to the point that each faction deserved its own webpage, especially once I added matching Lost and the Damned factions. All five factions can of course still combine to make a very large Black Legion force.

Tzeentch – The Changers of Ways, chaos god of magic, mutation and fate. The Tzeentch contingent is led by the Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marine Chapter and supported by an assorted of cult models. The contingent is designed for the Black Legion army list. It is possible to make a small dedicated Thousand Sons army but there aren’t enough core models for anything but a small warband. The reaosn for this is that the Thousand Sons specialised army list is still in a lot of flux (at the time of writing). Once it stablizised I might paint up a few more models to bulk out the contingent. The cult formations make a decent sized stand-alone Lost and the Damned army.

Thousand Sons Retinue: The core of the contingent is a full retinue including all command options as well as Havocs and Thousand Sons. The whole warband can be transported in Tzeentchian Rhinos. The paint scheme is Ice Blue followed by an Asurmen Blue wash and Ice Blue drybrush. The decorations actually come from 28mm Warhammer Khemri Undead models but seem to fit the mystic Tzeentch theme quite nicely.

Three Tzeentchian Dreadnoughts add even more long range firepower. The models are minor conversions of the old Chaos Dreadnought. I removed the close combat arm and added additional long range weapons.

Tzeentch Daemons: Daemonic support for the Tzeentchian warband comes in the form of Flamers and Tzeentch Screamers (count-as Bikers). The daemonic host is led by a Lord of Change greater daemon, Magnus the Red – Primarch of the Thousand Sons, and a 10mm Warmaster Daemon Prince for those times when Magnus himself is busy.

EPIC Tzeentch - Lord of Change
EPIC Chaos - Tzeentch Magnus the Red

Tzeentch Daemon Engines: Unlike all other chaos contingents, Tzeentch doesn’t offer ground vehicles as Daemon Engines. Instead, everything flies. The base are two Firelord Bombers and two squadrons of Doomwings.

EPIC Chaos - Tzeentch Firelords
EPIC Chaos - Tzeentch Doomwings
EPIC Chaos - Tzeentch Doomwings

A set of floating Silver Towers provides long range fire support.

EPIC Armageddon Chaos - Tzeentch Silver Towers

Finally, I custom-built a Tzeentchian Death Wheel. The model follows my standard Death Wheel design but adds wings to fit into the Tzeentch flyer theme. The wings are from the old Warhammer Ariel model that I found in my bitz box.

Tzeentch Cult: The Cult consistents of two Covens led by Demagogues. I used a mix of chaos cultist and Imperial Guard models to represent the cultists. A few Thousand Sons “advisors” are sprinkled into the formation. This gives the Covens a regimented look that is consistent with the “automon” theme of the Thousand Sons. Sort of like a planetary defence formation that only recently embraced the Changer of Ways.

EPIC Armageddon Chaos - Tzeentch Coven 2
EPIC Armageddon Chaos - Tzeentch Coven 1

The Covens are supported by a Fire Support Squad and a squad of Traitor Sentinels. I removed the front of old Imperial Guard Sentinels and added the daemonic faces from the Warhammer 40k Chaos Vehicle sprue. This gives them a suitable Tzeentchian look.

EPIC Armageddon Chaos - Tzeentch Fire Support
EPIC Armageddon Chaos - Tzeentch Traitor Sentinel

The Coven can also call upon a mighty Chaos Altar. The Altar is an obelisk of Tzeentch riding on an old Warhammer Tzeentch Flying Disk. Like all good Tzeentch engines it hovers.

EPIC Armageddon Chaos - Tzeentch Altar of Chaos

Tzeentch Titans: Tzeentch has granted the support of two mighty Titans. The Banelord Titan is based on the Lucius Pattern Imperial Warlord Titan with the addition of appropriate bird-like mutations. The smaller Feral Titan actually has little wings.

EPIC Chaos - Tzeentch Banelord
EPIC Chaos - Tzeentch Feral Titan

Tzeentch Objective: The Tzeentch objectives is a portal into the Warp. The ring is from some old Warhammer 40k part. I think the old Dreadnought.

EPIC Chaos - Tzeentch Objective

The other objectives are “generic” chaos objectives shared by the five contingents. The Chaos Portal is made from Hirst Art stones and a bit of multi-layer optical film that reflects light at different colours depending on viewing angle (across the rainbow spectrum).

EPIC Chaos - Chaos Gate

6 replies on “Chaos Thousand Sons & Cult”

I just seen your site for the first time and want to say that your Thousand Sons army looks beautiful!
Great paintjob and modeling! *I also support your choice of round bases!

Hope this army sees lots of action on the table top! 🙂

I am designing a 40k/Apocalypse sized version of the Tzeentch Firelord. I have experimental rules that I wrote (sort of a Tzeentch version of the Space Marines Thunderhawk gunship), but what are the rules/weapons that the Epic version has? I’d like to try and make it similar.

Just in case you are still interested: The Fire Lord is a flyer (it flies all the time and is never able to land) and must move each turn at least 1/3 of its normal move range (which is the same as the Thunderhawk gunship). It is armed with 4 lascannons (like the one on a Land Raider, but only 2/3 of its range) which can fire all around, two flame cannons (like the one on an imperial Hellhound) which can only fire forward, and it can drop up to 3 firestorm bombs (barrage weapons similar to the rockets the Thunderhawk gunship has) along the line it moves. The Fire Lord must move in a straight line across the battle field and isn’t able to carry any troops.

Man – this is just amazing. Fantastic job in both modelling and painting. I keep returning to your page just to look at photos. Especially the Tzeentch-titan as awesome. How did you do the ‘ghost-faced’-surface on the leg of this titan? I have an urge now to try and do a tzeetnch-titan myself, and have started searching on e-bay for the bits I don’t have in my old box of bits and pieces.
Keep up the good work.

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