Epic Chaos

This page will host a growing list of few step-by-step tutorials for the painting of Epic Armageddon Chaos models. The corresponding fully painted range of models can be found in the Black Legion and Lost and the Damned galleries.

Khorne Daemon Engines

The iconic colours for Khorne are red and black, with bone and brass as the usual colours for decorative elements. I am using Games Workshop Foundation Paints to build up the red and bone so a black undercoat is the best choice. Before undercoating the models I have drilled out all the gun barrels and used a dremel tool with a round milling bit to grind out some of the larger openings (e.g. the cauldron of the Cauldron of Blood). After the black undercoat I use Dheneb Stone as a foundation for all the skulls and bone parts on the models. I thin down the paint with water to prevent clogging the fine detail in the skulls. Two thinned down coats are better than one heavy one for detailed areas like these. Note that I am using a pretty big and cheap brush for this. I buy them at the dollar store for $2 for a pack of 10 and they are excellent for this kind of rough work. Games Workshop or similar brushes often cost more than this for a single brush… Of course I still use higher end brushes for detail work as the quality of the hair really starts to matter once you care about precision.

The second step is to give all the bone areas a good wash with Devlan Mud. Washes are a great time saver in general and in my opinion almost essential for Epic scale models. I always leave washes to dry overnight.

After the wash is dry I go over all the bone areas with several drybrushing steps with Dheneb Stone and later a 1:1 mix of Skull White and Dheneb Stone. I use the cheapo brushes for this as well. The picture below shows some models after the wash and initial Dheneb Stone drybrush stage.

At this point I block in all the other major colours: Mechrite Red for the body for the vehicle and Vallejo Brass for all the metallic/brass parts. I really like Vallejo Brass as it is one of the few metallic colours covers nicely in one coat and thus saves me the hassle of having to clean up the metal areas with black again.

I leave everything to dry overnight and then hit all the red and brass areas with a wash of Devlan Mud followed by a wash of Bhadab Black for the red areas only (again waiting a full night between washes). The Devlan Mud wash gives some nice shading and definition to the brass areas while the two washes for the red create a deep shadow fade at all edges.

This is actually the bulk of the work and the remaining steps can all happen very quickly. I highlight the red with Blood Red diluted with some flow improver. Blood Red is a slightly transparent colours and gives a nice transition when you highlight with it (without fancier techniques such as wet blending or lots of layering). I also paint any remaining pieces in black followed by a Adeptus Battlegrey drybrush where there is texture in the black area. Finally, I go over the bigger brass areas with watered down Vallejo Brass again to restore the metallic shine that the Devlan Mud wash dulled down. At this point I had a bit of a creative challenge with the Cannons of Khorne as the face on top of the gun had no obvious colour choice. A little bit of photoshop work gave me three options like this (all three are the same model with just the face modified in Photoshop).

As so often, feedback from the online community pointed to a better fourth options of an anthracite-like look. I build this up with mixes of black and Hawk Turqoise on a black base. This goes to show that painting a text model is a very good idea whenever you are painting a new series of models!

For some of the Daemon Engines I added a bit of green elements (Dark Angel Green followed by Snot Green highlights) or metal “working parts” such as gun barrels (Boltgun Metal followed by Bhadab Black wash). Finally, I highlighted the bigger horns and teeth with Bleached Bone followed by Skull White to differentiate them from the bone/skull areas.

Slaneesh Daemon Engines & Vehicles

This is one of the rare cases where I use a white undercoat. The first step is to give pretty much the whole model two coats of thinned down Tentacle Pink. That colour is a nightmore to build up from black so the white undercoat is essential.

Once the Tentacle Pink is perfectly dry, I give everything a wash of Leviathan Purple, diluted about 2:1 of water. The purple wash pulls the bulk of the surface area into a deeper purple but leaves some of the Tentacle Pink exposed in the higher regions as highlight.

Nurgle Daemon Engines & Vehicles

Tzeentch Daemon Engines

One thought on “Epic Chaos

  1. Really, really nice work on those Daemon engines. They were the models that got me into gaming way back in 1993 when I got my parents to buy me a White Dwarf magazine on a whim. I think your paintjobs actually outdo the studio ones – I especially love the addition of green to the Brass Scorpion (which incidentally was the first model I ever bought — and desperately needs a stripping down and repainting, using your techniques I think 🙂

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