This section will capture some of my ongoing projects, show work in progress and provide a few tutorials (i.e. completed works in progress). Below is a list of “projects in waiting” indicating their real world activity level (“on hold” or “active”). I will upload progress updates as blog posts and put together regular pages for completed projects as tutorials.

Not included on the list are “leftovers”. I don’t think I have a single army where at least a few low priority models are still in unfinished state. “Completed” really just means “playable at conventional point levels with all options in the army book at least available once” (e.g. my WFB Empire army can field all options and comes to about 8000 points in painted units – that third unit of unpainted Pistoliers will likely languish in the “to paint” drawer for all eternity).
For similar reasons my “wish list” of not yet bought projects is also not on the list (otherwise my 3GB hosting limit would be used up by text characters…). The item below are new projects where the models are usually assembled, based and awaiting the gentle caress of the paint brush…

Orcs & Goblins v2 (in progress)
Empire (remaining models)
Vampire Counts v2 (on hold)
Bretonnia (remaining models)
Skaven (on hold)
Ogre Kingdoms (in progress)
High Elves (in progress)
Dwarves (Completed but not photographed)
Nurgle Chaos (on hold)

Warhammer 40,000
Ultramarines v2 (on hold, v1 army finished)
Blood Angels (Completed)
Angels Vermillion (Completed, not photographed)
Orks (on hold)
Space Hulk game set (on hold)
Eldar (Completed, not photographed)
Imperial Guard (Completed, not photographed)
Khorne Chaos (Completed, not photographed)
Slaneesh Chaos (Completed, not photographed)

Every single army ever released… (Finished: Dwarves, High Elves, Orcs and Goblins, Chaos, Wood Elves, Khemri/Undead, Empire)

Ostlander (on hold)
Averlander (on hold)
Beastmen (on hold)
Carnival of Chaos (on hold)
Orcs & Goblins (in progress)
Dwarves (on hold)
Amazons (on hold)
Chaos Warriors (on hold)
Lizardmen (on hold)
Ogres (on hold)
Possessed (on hold)
Hired Swords (active)
Persona Dramatis (active)
Mordheim Town from Hirst Art blocks (in progress)

All done!

Epic Armageddon
Eldar, Squat, Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Chaos, Necron and Orks are all done!
Tyranid (on hold)
Adeptus Mechanicus (on hold)
City Terrain (on hold)

Esher v2 (on hold)
Delaque (on hold)
Goliath (on hold)
Orlock (on hold)
Redemptionists (on hold)
Tau (on hold)
Mercenaries (on hold)
City Terrain (on hold)

Flames of War
Soviets (on hold)
Long Range Desert Patrol (on hold)

Lord of the Rings
Uruk Hai (on hold)
Balrog (on hold)
Battle of Five Armies (on hold)

Blood Bowl
Chaos Dwarves (on hold)
Dwarves (on hold)
High Elves (on hold)
Tomb Kings (on hold)
Nurgle Rotters (on hold)
Lizardmen (on hold)
Wood Elves (on hold)
Custom Pitch (on hold)

Overall, this adds up to about 2000+ unpainted models. Progress is slow and steady, though I barely achieve a higher rate of production than purchasing. At the current painting/buying rate I will be “done” sometime in the 41st century…

Below are some progress stats that I will update periodically.
Status as of May 2016

Model Collection - May 2016


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