Generic Levy

As much as I try to personalize each SAGA force – instead of just using the same generic warriors for all warbands – I draw the line at levies. Poorly trained peasants should pretty much look the same regardless of whether they be saxon, danes or any other of the cultures of the British Isles. Thus, I made a generic levy version of all the typical options. There are two units per weapon type to cover the odd case where both sides really want to take archers for example (probably overkill but hey, painting hundreds of models for a Dark Age skirmish game is overkill in the first place). The models are a mix of plastic kits from different manufacturers as well as some metal models for variety.

SAGA Levy - Slingers 2
SAGA Levy - Slingers 1
SAGA Levy - Javelins
SAGA Levy - Archers 2
SAGA Levy - Archers 1
SAGA Generic - Levy with Javelins

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