Generic Terrain

My gaming collection is meant to be flexible enough to support games on all scales that I play (6mm to 28mm) while still having as many reusable elements as possible. This section outlines some of the generic terrain elements that work for all systems. The foundation of my setup are modular terrain tiles with open spaces and rivers. The tiles are made from wood framing and filled with 1/2″ foam to allow for the carving of rivers into the surface. Each tile is either 2’x4′, 2’x2′, 2’x1′ or 1’x1′. This gives a lot of flexibility for the placement of rivers on the battlefield.


Added onto the tiles are some generic terrain features. Everything is based on MDF for long term stability.

Hills are made from foam layers on top of MDF, covered with sand and then painted to match my default basing style.

Forests are MDF plates with recesses for 60mm Games Workshop round bases. These bases can be removed to all model placement. Each base contains either one big tree (for 15mm and higher scales) or several small trees (for 10mm or smaller scales).

Rough ground is a mix of resin cast pieces that I picked up over the years as well as some home-made pieces on MDF.


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