Campaigns & Scenarios

One of the ways to spice up your wargaming experience is to use custom scenarios or campaigns to provide a narrative for your games. Scenarios can range from minor tweaks to conventional game play all the way to massively customized battles. Such customization will often unbalance the game dynamics a bit and are therefore only recommend for casual games with people who aren’t hung up on victory at all cost.

Campaigns are a mechanism to connect several battles. Like scenarios, they can vary in complexity from a simple linked campaign (a linear chain of battles), over decision tree campaigns (a pre-defined set of branches where each battle decides which of the usually two following battles are fought), to full fledged dynamic campaign systems that are often games all by themselves (e.g. the Games Workshop Mighty Empires game for Warhammer, the Battlefront Firestorm series for Flames of War, etc.).

In this section I will share some of the campaigns and scenarios that I designed and executed over the years. Feel free to use the material in your own gaming circles.

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