Epic – Imperial Guard vs Orks (2k)

[Warning – lots of maps so this might take a little bit to load]

A simple battle report for Epic Armageddon using only the core rules (no flyers, war engines or other complicated aspects of the game). The valiant Imperial Guard meets the Ork horde in the outskirts of a small imperial city.

Imperial Guard
Regimental HQ – 500
Infantry Coy (/w Fire Support) – 350
Tank Coy – 650 (BTS)
Sentinel Sqd – 100
Artillery Bty (Basilisk) – 250
Rough Rider Sqd – 150
(every formation has a Commissar)

‘Uge Warband (/w Warboss) – 500
Big Warband (/w Battlewagonz) – 560 (BTS)
Big Blitz Brigade – 250
Big Kult of Speed (8 Buggies, 8 Bikes) – 350
Stormboyz – 150
Mekboy Gunzmob (/w Zappgun) – 175

Setup sees the main infantry formations in garrison and the rest on their respective baseline (Imperial Guard objectives in grey, Ork objectives in purple):

Turn 1:

The Imperial Guard seizes the initiative and attempts to deal with the pressing problem of a huge Ork mob right in front of their positions. The Engage the Ork formation in a Fire Fight but first have to weather the Ork Overwatch fire. A ‘uge mob can pour out a lot of fire and four guardsmen squads are destroyed.

Now the Orks move in and the Fire Fight begins. The weakened Infantry Company only kills three Grotz (bad dice rolling). Massive Ork fire kills nice Imperial Guard squads in a withering hail of fire and the rest are hacked down during the retreat. The Orks consolidate forward [Rule Mistake: The Orks should not have received Blast Markers for the dead Grotz]

The Imperial Guard retains successfully to get the Sentinels to try a clipping assault on the mob. They successfully avoid the Overwatch fire from the Big Gunz and move just within 15cm of the nearest Ork stand. The Orks move 5cm towards the Sentinels. The Sentinels gun down one Ork stand. The Orks achieve nothing in return. Assault result is 7 (4 rolled + 3) vs 8 (6 rolled + 2) in favour of the Orks. A Sentinel gets hacked down and the rest escape.

Time for the Orks to start moving. With a Double order the ‘uge mob proceeds deeper into the ruined city area and most of the stands go into houses. They blow up a Sentinel along the way.

The Imperial Guard has a bit of time before the other Ork units come in so the Artillery blasts the Orks in the city. Two Boyz and a Nobz stand are blown apart.

The Orks stall by moving the Stormboyz forward on a Double.

Rough Rider Double to match up to the Stormboyz.

The Orks Double the Kult of Speed into the center.

The Regimental HQ Advanced towards the Mob in the city and unleashes hell. Sort of… The last three Grotz are blown apart.

Orks put the Big Gunz back on Overwatch.

Lacking worthy targets, the Leman Russ Company Advances onto the hill and blasts the Orks some more. A lucky roll evaporates five stands, including some Nobz.

By a slim margin the Orks Break.

The rest of the Turn belongs to the Orks. The Gun Wagonz Double onto the second Objective and blast away at the Regimental HQ. Two Chimeras go up in smoke.

Finally the second Mob Marches across the battlefield to threaten the right IG flank with the Blitz Objective.

The Sentinels and Ork Mob rally but the Regimental HQ doesn’t.

At the end of the first turn the Orks seem in a strong position. They have destroyed the Infantry Company, damaged the Sentinels and Regimental HQ, and advanced their forces deep into the imperial half. Half of the ‘Uge Mob has died along the way but it is now solidly entrenched around the Objective.

Turn 2:
Initiative: Imperial Guard

Regimental HQ fails to activate and shots at the Ork mob instead. No hits at all… Artillery retains, fails to active but still blows up two Gunwagonz. [Rule Mistake: Neither unit received Blast Markers for failing to activate].

Orks Double the mounted mob and fire on the artillery. Badly savaged, the Basilisks break and retreat towards the remaining Imperial Guard elements.

The Orks retain with the Stormboyz to assault the Rough Rider. A wave of high rolls sees the Stormboyz wiped out to the man from first strike attacks.

It’s desperation time so the Rough Rider squadron engages the mounted mob. Five Orks are mowed down but the riders are wiped out to a man.

The Leman Russ formation retains and Engages the mob in a Fire Fight. Six Ork units and two tanks blow apart. The tanks win handily by 4 and the broken mob flees.

The Gunwagonz fail to active and fire into the Regimental HQ instead. Only a single troop stand dies. The sentinels fail to active and just shuffle sideways a bit.

The Kult of Speeds Doubles into close range of the Regimental HQ and blows up the last Basilisk along the way. The Gun Mob also Doubles and destroys a Chimera with the Zapp gun.

None of the Ork units rally and both Imperial Guard formations do.

The Imperial Guard is in bad shape at this point. The only hope for a tie lies in the high number of blast markers on most of the Ork formations.

Turn 3:

Initiative: Imperial Guard

The Leman Russ Advances into the middle of all Ork formations and fire at the Gunwagonz with devastating effect. No more Gunwagonz.

The Regimental HQ Engages the Kult of Speed, bringing the Leman Russ Company in as support. The initial exchange doesn’t go too well with 5 IG and a Chimera dying in exchange for only 3 Bikes. The Russ weigh with two more kills and even the Sentinels blow up a buggy. The Orks (barely) break and retreat to the objective.

The Big Gunz Sustain Fire and blast apart a single Russ.

The Sentinels Double but achieve nothing against the Kult of Speed.

The mounted mob strings out to cover the objective and brings more fire to bear on the Regimental HQ. Two more guardsmen die and the unit breaks.

All units rally/regroup except the Kults of Speed and the Ork Mob in the ruins.

Goals: Orks 2 (TSNP, BK), IG 0 => Ork VICTORY

One thought on “Epic – Imperial Guard vs Orks (2k)

  1. Interesting report but a little hard to follow. Might help if you put some text on the pictures as troop labels, or just plain write the report on the pictures if it doesn’t get too much?

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