Imperial Fleet

The Imperial Fleet is based on the standard Gothic Sector colour scheme and cruiser configuration. Essentially the fleet has one of each of the cruisers and escort units specified in the core rulebook. The fleet was painted using a dark blue drybrush technique with a simple washed brass pattern for contrast. The prows are glossy black to give a sense of hardened material.

Battleships: The Emperor Class Battleship is the center of the fleet and provided long range fire support to the cruisers.

Cruisers: The fleet has access to the complete range of cruisers including Mars and Overlord Battle Cruiser, and Gothic, Lunar, Dictator and Tyrant cruisers. The launch bays of the cruiser fleet can be equipped with fighter, bomber or landing craft formations.

The Mars Battle Cruiser and Dictator Cruiser are the carriers of the fleet and can deploy Fury Interceptor, Starhawk Bomber or Shark Assault Boats.

The Gothic and Lunar Cruisers are solid mid range ships.

The Overlord Battle Cruiser and Tyrant Cruiser are the close range assault cruisers of the imperial fleet.

Escorts: The Imperial Fleet offers a range of escort ships and each option is available for this fleet. Three Firestorm Frigates, three Sword Frigates and four Cobra Destroyers provide fast moving elements to shield the main cruisers and attack isolated stragglers.

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