Chaos Fleet

The Chaos Fleet is the classic opponent for the Imperial Fleet in Battlefleet Gothic. Similar to my Imperial Fleet, it is primarily based on the plastic models from the main boxes set with metal escorts and capital ships. The paint scheme is based on a classic red Khornate force with several layers of drybrush and brass detailing.

Battleships: The Desolator Battleship is one of the deadliest capital ships in the Gothic Sector. For scenario driven battles the Chaos Fleet also includes a corrupted Blackstone Fortress.

Cruisers: Building the Chaos Fleet put my normal “the book” objective a little bit in doubt. On the one hand I wanted to have each of the available cruiser types while keeping an effective combat formation. The assault oriented chaos cruisers really need to be taken in larger numbers to be effective which argued against cruiser type diversity. At the end I simply settled for more cruisers to achieve both objectives.

Two Styx Heavy Cruiser provide ample launch bays for Doomfire Bomber and Swiftdeath Fighters.

Three Slaughter Cruisers led by an Acheron Heavy Cruiser provide a solid mid range core of lance batteries.

Closer in, three Murder Cruisers make the ideal assault force to follow up on the bombardment by the long range ships.

Finally, I built a Hades Heavy Cruiser and a Devastation Cruiser simply to have all options in the list available.

Escorts: The escort elements of the fleet are a bit boring with eleven Infidel Raiders in service. My original goal was to have all escort types but a mislabelled EBay auction brought me all Infidels instead. My urge to paint more escorts waned afterwards, though the other two variants are on the far future wish list nevertheless.

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