Games & Armies

This section covers all the game systems that I have encountered over the years as well as some information about my armies for each system.

All photographs are of models in my collection. The vast majority of them (>95%) were painted entirely by myself. In a few cases I acquired second hand models that were too nice to strip. Usually I re-base those, clean up damage, and add detail/shading where appropriate. I have tried to identify such models in the description where I remember.

Uploading army pages will take considerable time. I will only put up menu links when a page is completed so there will never be “dead/empty” pages on this site. Below is a list of “what’s to come”. Those are all mostly painted armies but photographing them will take some time. A broader list of the entire collection (finished and unfinished) can be found on the Workshop page.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle
Empire (finished, not yet photographed)
Bretonnia (finished, not yet photographed)
Dwarves (finished, not yet photographed)
Undead (finished, not yet photographed)
Orcs and Goblins (partially finished, not yet photographed)

Orcs and Goblins (finished and uploaded)
Dwarves (finished and uploaded)
Empire (finished and uploaded)
Undead (finished and uploaded)
Chaos (finished and uploaded)
Wood Elves (finished and uploaded)

Reiklander (finished and uploaded)
Middenheimer (finished and uploaded)
Kislevites (finished and uploaded)
Skaven (finished and uploaded)
Dwarves (finished and uploaded)
Sisters of Sigmar (finished and uploaded)
Undead (finished and uploaded)
Hired Swords (finished and uploaded)
Persona Dramatis (finished and uploaded)
Mordheim City (finished and uploaded initial batch)

Empire(finished and uploaded)
Bretonnia(finished and uploaded)
Dwarves(finished and uploaded)
High Elves(finished and uploaded)
Dark Elves(finished and uploaded)
Chaos Dwarves(finished and uploaded)

Warhammer 40,000
Blood Angels Space Marines (partially finished and uploaded)
Ultramarines Space Marines (partially finished, not yet photographed)
Angels Vermilion Space Marines (partially finished, not yet photographed)
World Eater Chaos Space Marines (finished, not yet photographed)
Emperor’s Children Chaos Space Marines (finished, not yet photographed)
Imperial Guard (finished, not yet photographed)
Eldar (finished, not yet photographed)
Dark Eldar (partially finished, not yet photographed)
Orks (partially finished, not yet photographed)

Epic Armageddon
Salamander Space Marines(finished and uploaded)
Imperial Guard (finished and uploaded)
Orks (finished and uploaded)
Chaos Black Legion (finished and uploaded)
Lost and the Damned (finished and uploaded)
Eldar(finished and uploaded)
Squats(finished and uploaded)
Necrons(finished and uploaded)

Esher (finished, not yet photographed)

Battlefleet Gothic
Imperial Fleet(finished and uploaded)
Chaos Fleet(finished and uploaded)
Ork Fleet(finished and uploaded)
Eldar Fleet(finished and uploaded)

Flames of War
German Panzergrenadierkompanie (finished and uploaded)
German Pionierkompanie (finished and uploaded)
German Panzerkompanie (finished and uploaded)
US Rifle Company (finished and uploaded)
US Tank Company (finished and uploaded)
UK Paratroop/Airlanding Company (uploaded)
UK Desert Rifle Company (finished, not yet photographed)

Ancient Greek Armies (finished and uploaded)
Roman Armies (finished and uploaded)
Northern Barbarian Armies (finished and uploaded)
Successor Armies (finished and uploaded)
Medieval Armies (finished and uploaded)

Lord of the Rings
Fellowship (partially finished, not yet photographed)
Moria Goblins (finished, not yet photographed)
Elves (finished, not yet photographed)
Uruk Hai (partially finished, not yet photographed) (finished, not yet photographed)

Blood Bowl
Chaos (finished, not yet photographed)
Dark Elves(finished and uploaded)
Pro Elves(finished and uploaded)
Human(finished and uploaded)
Orcs(finished and uploaded)
Goblins(finished and uploaded)

The list is long and there are around 5000 painted bases/models to photograph. Bear with me…

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