Wood Elves

The Wood Elves are a classic Warhammer force that sadly never made it into the Warmaster range. Fortunately, the fan-made list captures its essence quite nicely and Eureka Miniatures has a very fine line of Wood Elves. My only complaint is that their models are quite small for 10mm. This isn’t apparent in the force itself but looks odd when fighting Games Workshop units (or worse, some Kallistra models which tend to be more like 12mm). Still, it’s a beautiful force.

All models are Eureka, except the Dragon (classic GW High Elf Dragon) and the Glade Riders (Magister Millitum Elves).

Leaders: The Wild Hunt is led by Orion, King of the Wood Elves, his Queen Ariel and some Spell Weavers on Unicorns. The latter is a Reaper soft plastic familiar that I found in my bits box. Not a perfect model but a decent fit for a 10mm Ariel.

WM Wood Elf - Orion General
WM Wood Elf - Spell Weaver

The Nobles have a variety of mounts to chose from including Warhawks, Giant Stags, Giant Eagles and even a Forest Dragon.

WM Wood Elf - Eagle Rider
WM Wood Elf - Dragon
WM Wood Elf - Nobles on Warhawks
WM Wood Elf - Nobles

Finally, the host can call on two mighty Treemen.

WM Wood Elf - Treemen

Infantry: Despite being a hit and run force, the Wood Elves have a surprisingly high core unit requirement at 2000 points (my default Warmaster army size). Six units of Glade Guard backed up by four units of Eternal Guard.

WM Wood Elf - Glade Guard 2
WM Wood Elf - Glade Guard 1
WM Wood Elf - Eternal Guard

Added to this foundations are the specialists in the form of two units of Wardancers, two units of Dryads and two units of Waywatchers.

WM Wood Elf - Dryads
WM Wood Elf - Wardancers
WM Wood Elf - Waywatchers

Cavalry: Wood Elf cavalry is fierce and amply represented on the field with both Glade Riders (from Magister Millitum) and Wild Riders (Eureka).

WM Wood Elf - Glade Riders
WM Wood Elf - Wild Riders

Monstrous Creatures: The host can call upon the creatures of the forest to aid them in battle. Two units of Warhawks and one unit of Giant Eagles (the latter have no particular rules but are added to the Wood Elf force because my High Elves have a dragon theme instead).

WM Wood Elf - Warhawks
WM Wood Elf - Eagles

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