As with their Warhammer cousins, the Warmaster Empire army is a jack of all trades, master of none. A wide selection of units covers all the available Warmaster classes and while most units are solid, none are truly exceptional.

My army is based on the province of Talabheim with its red and white livery. This was mostly because that colour combination wasn’t used by any of the other armies and thus available (distinct colour schemes are quite important in smaller scale games as units can look very similar at the usual tabletop viewing height).

Leaders: The Empire army requires a large number of characters to functional. Low leadership and cheap units translate into lots of command rolls. This is amplified by the variety of unit functions which leads to many smaller brigades rather than a few big ones. As usual, I went with a 40mm base to distinguish the General. The Hero on Griffon can add some fighting power where needed.

The Wizard contingent is led by a Theogenist on a mighty War Altar. I used a custom cut 80mm by 40mm base to provide room for a few foot guards and add stability to the model.

Infantry: Empire core infantry is very cheap yet reasonably capable. Good reasons to take lots of units. The main formation is a group of four units of Halberdiers supported by Skirmishers.

Missile troops come in the form of another brigade of four units of Crossbowmen and some Hand Gunner.

Finally, Flagellants add some esoteric hitting power.

Cavalry: Heavily armoured knights are the pride of the imperial cavalry. They are supported by two units of Pistoliers to form a very solid cavalry brigade.

Monstrous Creatures: Ogres are the sole “monster” choice for the imperial army. Like the larger army, they are solid fighters without the frills (and special rules) of other monstrous infantry.

Artillery & Warmachines: The imperial gunnery school at Nuln turns out a nice assortment of ranged weapons. Two batteries of Cannons deliver punishing long range fire while two Hellblaster Volley Guns can devastate any units that dare to come close. The Mortars provide the final pounding power.

WM Empire - Mortars

Of all the creations of Nuln, the Steam Tank is the most esoteric. While it doesn’t have the incredible strength of its Warhammer cousin, the Warmaster Steam Tank is still a formidable unit.

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